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Official audio for The Weeknd's “In Your Eyes” Remix feat. Doja Cat - available everywhere now: theweeknd.co/InYourEyesRMX
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20 Mai 2020



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Cheska Forte
Cheska Forte Vor 3 Stunden
this song makes me feel like I'm in a skating rink from the 80s
Erin R
Erin R Vor 3 Stunden
Two icons in one song🔥
Mrs Cav
Mrs Cav Vor 3 Stunden
Fire song The Weekend and Doja killed it! Thank you my soul is in heaven with this tune! Keep it up guys 😍
Alina Rehman
Alina Rehman Vor 4 Stunden
that moment when u make eye contact with ur crush while listening
Nightcraver Vor 6 Stunden
so for anyone trying to cancel doja i found out that Doja was being framed by the white guys (her preference is white guys btw) they made it look like she was being overtly racist when she was speaking about her favourite foot fetish.
Norman Erram Jr.
Norman Erram Jr. Vor 7 Stunden
Doja Cat is talented, good rapping and songing voice. But I think her parts here dont fit the song? Its seems like it can be another song. I hope throughout the days it grows on me.
xxxtentacion 17
xxxtentacion 17 Vor 8 Stunden
This is like jazz but back in the day 90s or something
N.F Khan
N.F Khan Vor 8 Stunden
This song gives really smooth 80s vibes. Omg 😍
lick lick lick lick
lick lick lick lick Vor 10 Stunden
This song is very underrated.
Gil Vor 10 Stunden
Made a clean instrumental of this, CHECK IT ;P
Kevin Boyles
Kevin Boyles Vor 12 Stunden
Her voice is so sexy 😩
Cristian Mariona
Cristian Mariona Vor 12 Stunden
I'd love to see doja with weekend in a video 💯🔥🔥
Francis Aponte
Francis Aponte Vor 13 Stunden
Finally someone brought the sax back to pop music, it's like I hopped into the Delorean and went back to the 80s, songs fire
Jane Tufuga
Jane Tufuga Vor 13 Stunden
i honestly dig the vibe of this song!
emmaquestionmarkk 89
emmaquestionmarkk 89 Vor 14 Stunden
i love this holy moly
Rayo Mcqueen95
Rayo Mcqueen95 Vor 14 Stunden
So you got something to do with X's death?
Leandro Robles
Leandro Robles Vor 14 Stunden
It was already the best song on the album. Now it just got better with Doja Doj.
- KlozZ
- KlozZ Vor 14 Stunden
Anonymous revealed that you and Drake were the ones who killed x
E WEST Vor 14 Stunden
God she’s so good
Vamsee Kanneganti
Vamsee Kanneganti Vor 15 Stunden
Will Simp for Queen Doja 🐈, She 🔥
Melany Ardaya Rojas
Melany Ardaya Rojas Vor 16 Stunden
Shelda Pierre-Louis
Shelda Pierre-Louis Vor 18 Stunden
What is this "cancel" thing you guys speak of I dont know such thing
la cebolla cool
la cebolla cool Vor 18 Stunden
Love you miusic
Felipe Azevedo
Felipe Azevedo Vor 18 Stunden
🇧🇷🇧🇷A versão com a Doja é a melhor🇧🇷🇧🇷
fortnite player116
fortnite player116 Vor 20 Stunden
It does sound good but doja cat is canceled so bye
slicc bacc
slicc bacc Vor 11 Stunden
Keep up 😂 doja isn't canceled
Madi Arabella
Madi Arabella Vor 20 Stunden
Omg yes their vibe together slaaaaays
Ananasiki Ananasiki
Ananasiki Ananasiki Vor 21 Stunde
ouedkniss Ali
ouedkniss Ali Vor 21 Stunde
Leonardo Soares
Leonardo Soares Vor 21 Stunde
quente dms
Long John
Long John Vor 21 Stunde
Leah Brigman
Leah Brigman Vor 22 Stunden
Doja is the Female Fatale star we've all been waiting for
Natalia Osinska
Natalia Osinska Vor 22 Stunden
Its really cool with Doja Cat I really want u guys to date u guys look cute together-OOPS SORRY >_
Andrew T
Andrew T Vor 22 Stunden
Uncut gems💎
TheHiigh Vor 22 Stunden
devidss.info/video/dbuaj4vUZnqW264.html listen to this
Joseph Harris
Joseph Harris Vor 23 Stunden
Cap af
Raya Kelley
Raya Kelley Vor 23 Stunden
*The Bold & The Beautiful opening*
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Vor Tag
now that that whole fiasco is over, im ready for dojas verse
Mark Vor Tag
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="139">2:19</a>
lili s
lili s Vor Tag
his new music screams 80's wth so good
Candylicious Vor Tag
lili s I agree. It gives you an 80’s vibe and I love it🥰
slade gaming
slade gaming Vor Tag
I really like her lyric I think it's fantastic but I feel like she should've had a bigger presence like maybe she could've sang the corus with the weekend but it's still a great song and a great remix and I don't care if she's over or whatever bullshit is going her voice is still really great
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Vor Tag
I support her
Hala Khan
Hala Khan Vor Tag
I never lied when I cried for you And I know you cry too (Know you cry too) You're reading minds, just couldn't deny you do Always hard to say bye to you (And I taught myself to say) Love the way you're talkin', love your style, but, ooh, babe We know that you got it from me And it's haunting you deep, too hard not to see it Hate the way I feel love, only hurts with real love And it's taking every part of me, when you look, I could see love One day, I'm giving you space And the next day, you're giving me faces And I like parties, not this place It's comin' out of my bag for you to get wasted I (Can't stop staring at you) It's like I forgot that staring is rude And that's what five shots could turn me into (Oh yeah) But you've done most things that gentlemens do, so (Oh)
Lamar Kokandy
Lamar Kokandy Vor 23 Stunden
@Hala Khan hi
Hala Khan
Hala Khan Vor 23 Stunden
Ryan The Rhino
The Weeknd is dope asf his merch site is absolutely trash, I would not recommend buying from his merch site at all. 🗑 music is great tho. 🤣😂🤣😂
Agustín salazar ok
uf muy bueno
Joanna Flowers
Vashti Ganpat
This is vibe music. Its on FIREE XD. But really Doja Cat has such talent of changing her voice! The Weeknd has the vibez! The Weeknd add Doja Cat is a great fit!
RR Channel
RR Channel Vor Tag
I love The Weeknd's new song. It's so good and it brings you back to 80s and 90s. It's groovy and catching and with the little RnB and rap by Doja Cat it's perfect!
Nicki M's
Nicki M's Vor Tag
sorato Vor Tag
love you Doja💗
Maritzaaa Valenzuelaaa
This love song❤️
TheCaliDude Vor Tag
Abel the day of releasing of the remix: 😁 Abel the day after: 😬
plyboikay Vor Tag
Imagine if the weekend liked this comment👀
Pichie Vor Tag
This song stuck in my head like super glue 🥺💞
Estefania García
Espero que estos dos traigan de vuelta la musica dance o electronica 🤗 porque ya me harte de lo que se escucha actualmente 🙄
Jasmine JaniseTV
Looks like Whitney Houston’s eye on the album cover.
Aditi Sunil
Aditi Sunil Vor Tag
I support her
The Variety Of Life
Everyone here that is commenting about her personal life are creeps. Keep your noses into your own life weirdos. You sound like loners.
michelle lopez
Los amooooooo, el talento es notorio .💕🐱
Danang Music
Danang Music Vor Tag
nice song
Brianna Landis
Automatically deleted the song off my phone. Her part is awful
Lessi novak
Lessi novak Vor Tag
The Weeknd thk so much for songs! You have a beautiful wose!!! Awesome songs! Super melodies, super lyrics, everything is so organic. One complements the other, but the main voice! It’s not magic!)
Carla Ingrid
Carla Ingrid Vor Tag
Que música maravilhosa, Br
Juan Rodriguez
Mel Silva
Mel Silva Vor Tag
This vibe, in love
miko foin
miko foin Vor Tag
How to get a lot of likes on a comment: Comment something like: "This didn't age well," "Bad timing," "The Weeknd right now: 👁👄👁"
Pedro Sandro
Pedro Sandro Vor Tag
devidss.info/video/aKhqzIfDrpF2zJ0.html new doja song
Recklezz_ツ Vor Tag
The weekend is *litterly micheal Jackson of 2020*
Mike Al
Mike Al Vor 5 Stunden
Of our generation*
Don’t look at the profile Pic
AngelCakez Vor Tag
This song is the epitome of Bringing back the 80s vibes! It should be Number 1
miko foin
miko foin Vor Tag
¡Me encanto tanto la canción es muy hermosa!
SUCKS! lolz
Sariel I
Sariel I Vor Tag
I don’t know how to describe it but when I listen to the original and then listen to this the original just seems empty without dojo’s solo. I’m just obsessed with this remix!
Essadi Meriem
Best music😍😍😍
Natalie Vor Tag
2 black females beat this on periodttt. This remix reeks of self hate. At first I didn't care about her drama, but in light of recent events I imagine her laughing at the video of the police officer killing a HUMAN BEING. Dojas probably wishing she was his whore.
Yourbrother_ Blkbear
Yourbrother_ Blkbear Vor 13 Stunden
She wouldn't. she shared several links to petitions seeking justice and donated to George floyd's and Breonna Taylor's funds and she shared a few black lives matter videos on her insta story. She has no self hate, everything said in the forums are FAKE.
¡ちぃたん中潭 Chiitan!
Whose eye that?
¡ちぃたん中潭 Chiitan!
@Basically Shay sorry, mine
Basically Shay
Looks like Doja’s tbh..
Pedro Fillipe Alves Pires
This song has to be in GTA 6
Aayan Abu Sifayet
Weeknd is what's up with me and it won't go.
bubbles winter
I will allways love this song and the weeknds music no matter what scandal happens with the weeknd
Beauty Soul Tarot
Abel does such a good job💕
la louve du 77 lol
Love 😙😙😙😙💖💟👍
MattDiBenedettofan77 1
I'm glad that I found Doja when she first came out and not thru tik tok
Jay C
Jay C Vor 13 Stunden
Found her out thru moo😭
MattDiBenedettofan77 1
MattDiBenedettofan77 1 Vor 17 Stunden
@Anasziom 45 no one cares bout u or ur comment
MattDiBenedettofan77 1
MattDiBenedettofan77 1 Vor 17 Stunden
@Spider Bruh right
Spider Bruh
Spider Bruh Vor 17 Stunden
@Anasziom 45 You care because you responded. If you didnt care you wouldnt have responded
Anasziom 45
Anasziom 45 Vor 18 Stunden
No one cares
Black Nekochi
The bass totally sounds like the one from Adventure of a Lifetime
N Napoleon
N Napoleon Vor Tag
Doja's cat killed it... press repeat 😍
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